Freshman Week

During the first week of the academic year, various student associations, clubs, and circles set up booths throughout the campus to recruit new members. See Student Organizations.

Jo-Nan Sen

The Jo-Nan Sen is an annual three-day sports contest between Sophia and its sister school, Nanzan University in Nagoya. The Jo-Nan Sen is alternately held between Sophia and Nanzan University campuses. Visit the official Jo-Nan Sen ( Japanese website).

Music Festival

The Music Clubs Association (Japanese website) holds joint concerts at the Nihon Seinenkan Hall. All campus music clubs participate in the Music Festival.

Sophia Festival

Student clubs and classes stage a rich array of performances and activities at this major campus festival from November 1 through 3. See Student Organizations.

Sports Festival

The Sports Festival is sponsored by the Athletics Clubs Association. Teams from sports circles, classes and clubs compete. This festival takes place at the same time as the Sophia Festival.

Sophia Marathon

The Sophia Marathon is an annual race for groups and individuals. The course circuit rings the Imperial Palace (one lap is 5km).