“Non-degree Applicants” refers to students who wish to take courses but not to earn a degree in the Faculty of Liberal Arts. Such applicants include students who are pursuing degrees at other universities and wish to attend Sophia for short term study (six months to one year), and those who have already completed their undergraduate degrees and would like to attend the Faculty to study Japanese language or to take specific courses. Applications for short term study can be made in several ways.

Enrollment as a Non-degree or Non-matriculated Student

Individuals can apply as non-degree or non-matriculated students. Non-degree status is for international students (without Japanese citizenship) who do not have a college student status of residence at the time of application. Japanese citizens and international applicants who already have an appropriate status (excluding tourist status) should apply as non-matriculated students. Non-degree and non-matriculated students enjoy the same access to university academic facilities (libraries, computer labs, etc.) as degree students; however, they are not eligible for university-funded scholarships or other financial aid. There are several ways to obtain more information.

1. For complete information visit Sophia University Admissions page.
2. E-mail the Admissions Office representative: Admissions Office.
3. Visit us during Open Campus.

Enrollment through Exchange Programs

Students enrolled at universities outside Japan that have an exchange agreement with Sophia University can study in the Faculty for one or two semesters as an exchange student. They pay tuition and other fees to their home institution for the period of their stay at Sophia. Students interested in this option should first check with their home institution to see if there is an exchange agreement. Exchange students are selected by their home institution and then recommended to Sophia University. For more information please follow this link.

Enrollment through the Council on International Educational Exchange

Another option for students who would like to study in the Faculty without obtaining a degree is to apply through the CIEE. The CIEE screens applications, arranges home stay programs, and offers other services to students in its program at the Faculty.